Sweet Treat Gift Boxes


Homemade gifts are one of the sweetest things you can give! Whether it’s for a hostess of your holiday party or dinner, or for a neighbor ‘just because,’ these treat boxes go a long way with showing your appreciation. It’s super easy to assemble, doesn’t take much time, and is less expensive than purchasing a gift (who isn’t looking to save a few dollars this time of year?!)

You can knock a few gifts off your list by cranking out several of these in one sitting and you only need a handful of items: homemade treats, sturdy lidded boxes (I get mine from the craft store and they’re made of heavy-duty cardboard), tissue paper, gold or silver sticker seals, and festive ribbon. You can even use kitchen twine for a more rustic look- that’s what I used here!

Cookies are always a great go-to for these boxed treats, but bars also make a lovely gift and hold up well in the box – like my Dark Chocolate Toffee bars or Cranberry Orange bars.

Make sure your treats are completely cool (this is super important, so they don’t get icky!) Line the box with tissue paper with overlapping edges to fold. Neatly place your treats inside, and fold edges over, securing the tissue paper with a sticker seal. Place the lid on top and tie a basic wrap knot. Voilà! You have a beautiful, homemade gift that didn’t cost much but some time to bake (but who isn’t already doing that this time of year – and a few minutes to wrap.